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Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) stands for the digital transformation in construction. BIM changes the planning, construction and operational processes of a building and makes them more efficient and transparent.

BIM offers you exceptional time-saving benefits, especially during the critical transition from planning (with compatible plugins) to construction phase. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, changes during the construction phase can be significantly reduced through pre-planning so that delays in project execution can be avoided.

The modular framing solutions cannot be underestimated. Ideally, you would include it in the early stages of the project planning, so this can be accurately planned, designed in accordance with guidelines and legislation and fabricated according to customized requirements.

We offer you an added value in the BIM cycle and support you with our know-how in the following stages:

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Coordinating different project scopes

With integral planning and the BIM methodology aproach, Sikla implements a cross-trade consideration of the modular framing solutions. This brings you the possibility of integrated fastening planning at all levels to cost-saving, and minimises potential instalation errors on site.

Integrating the modular framing solutions into the basic design offers the following advantages:
  • Space optimisation 
  • Cost-efficient planning process
  • Continuous cost control
  • No additional products needed during assembly
  • Exact derivation of the fastening elements from the planning model for your documents

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