Together we build.

Getting the Ball Rolling

By no means would we have the capacity to do your job and detail all supports in your project’s piping system. However we can help developing template designs, we can join your initial learning curve of working with our design software and we can make you familiar with it. We structurally calculate your worst case scenarios and give you peace of mind, not just by our calculation but by being liable for what our engineers recommend. Most importantly, we will review what you designed with our product and, should we spot little errors, we will put them right.  

Sikla Tools and Services for Consultants

  • Specification Text Templates 
  • Software Plug-ins and CAD-libraries to implement Sikla components into detailed project design (learn more here)
  • Structural calculation reports for worst-case designs (e.g. highest loads/temperatures)

Supporting Contractors

  • Specifications based on Sikla will be priced within one working day
  • Traditional specifications (welded steel frames) can be translated into a flexible, modular alternative by Sikla engineers
  • CAD drawings can be created as an installation aid or for your “as-built” documentation 
  • If project-specific customisation is required, we will deal with it and get it done
  • Structural calculations for “as-built” documentation or when required.

Technical Services Hotline

For technical queries our design engineers are readily available:

+44 1908 281052

For enquiries and support regarding our SiCAD software tools, please contact: